Moon Base Alpha Post-It! Network v2.4
Post-It! Network v2.4 for VADV - An enhanced VBBS-style oneliner program for Virtual Advanced. It is unique since the posts are networked with other BBS's.

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Post-It! Network
From: Trimaz at AT2k Design BBS (95@1*80):
Howdy all, testing this connection out before I unpack my old Amiga.
From: Nightfox at AT2k Design BBS (52@1*80):
I like turtles
From: B-Man at AT2k Design BBS (105@1*80):
Buonasera!! I <3 Apple ][s
From: jimthedj65 at AT2k Design BBS (14@1*80):
calling in from ZOC emulator on windows 10 box in Manila.
From: The Maker at AT2k Design BBS (28@1*80):
/x I am wherever I land!
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